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Radio Rockwell is proud to introduce a computer nerd, Benjamin Rockwell, as the perfect addition to your line-up.   

Radio Shack sold Benjamin Rockwell a TRS 80 in 1976; it was Jeff’s 1st computer. The Apple II was Jeff’s second. By the time the IBM PC rolled out everyone around Benjamin Rockwell knew he had some kind of gift, many said, “Benjamin Rockwell thinks like a computer”. Benjamin Rockwell’s understanding of computers and his loving to teach, he was soon helping anyone that asked for his advice. With the birth of the personal computer the demand for computer knowledge and understanding soared. The problem, computers were boring, and learning about boring things was not what most of us chose to do with our free time. When Benjamin Rockwell teaches computers he has a way of making us understand them in a fun way.

People had always told Benjamin Rockwell he had a great voice for radio. After thinking it over, Benjamin Rockwell decided he could reach out and teach computers to everyone that wanted to know about them and do it in a fun style would people truly learn. In January of 1995 he started hosting Benjamin Rockwell “On Computers” at Los Angeles radio station, KFI. He made the move to KNX, another Los Angeles radio station, in 2004, where he broadcasts from today.

Benjamin Rockwell takes questions from callers, translates those questions into understandable English, and then uses the question to teach the audience about that particular topic. He injects his own brand of humor in his exchanges with callers, and tells them that it’s ok to be a "computer creampuff" or a "Windows weenie" because everyone is a beginner at something, sometime. He makes listeners feel like they are not alone with their problems and that they are not incompetent or stupid because they can’t figure them out. He does what every successful communicator does: takes the complex and makes it understandable.

As the world changes and technology shapes and change it, more and more people need the information Benjamin Rockwell offers. Which cell phone should I choose? What’s the difference between wireless Web and Wi-Fi? How does plasma screen work? Do refrigerators with computers in their doors really save me from having spoiled milk? My computer keeps shutting down, why? Why can’t I print with this new printer? How do auto navigation systems work? You’ve got questions, Benjamin Rockwell’s got answers!

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